The World’s End

The World’s End

is the only movie I can remember seeing in the theater 7 times when it first came out.

This was the only Edgar Wright film I’d seen in the theater. A long time ago, I remember people mentioning this movie called Shaun of the Dead, which I had never seen. My brother owned a DVD copy of Hot Fuzz, and I can’t remember which of those two movies I saw first…but I want to say it was Hot Fuzz. And I really, liked it, went back and watched Shaun. Years later, like in 2010, I bought Spaced, I believe it was after I saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

But, anyway…if you’ve never seen The World’s End, I’ll tell you about it.

  1. Pete (Eddie Marsan)
  2. Steven (Paddy Considine)
  3. Oliver (Martin Freeman)
  4. Andy (Nick Frost)
  5. Gary (Simon Pegg)

5 friends in high-school. On June 22, 1990, the 5 of them started on a pub crawl known as the Golden Mile in their hometown of Newton Haven, Herefordshire, England. They never finished and this is something that Gary has never gotten over. Why? Well…reasons. I don’t want to spoil it for you. 20 something years later, he’s still clinging onto that one night. So Gary takes it upon himself to gather up his old friends, who are married with children and/or dealing with jobs and careers, and convince them to go back to Newton Haven and finish the Golden Mile. And then they realize they’re literally in the middle of an alien invasion and everyone in town is being replaced with robots.

I rank this as my second favorite of the Cornetto trilogy. My absolute favorite being Hot Fuzz. The humor in this is just as fast-paced and hilarious as any other Edgar Wright film. But this is probably also the darkest of the three films. Particularly when it gets to the third act and certain things and character motivations are revealed. This time around, we’re seeing a bit of a role-reversal with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Usually, Simon is the straight-man and Nick is playing the character who is a bit of a fuck up. But, in this movie, they’re doing the opposite and it’s great. Gary King is the fuck up and Andy is the straight-man.

And just like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, The World’s End has a pretty awesome soundtrack and score.

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