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Tuesday night’s Season 1 finale of The Flash was surprisingly powerful. Yeah, man, it really was and I must say, I am extremely impressed with what they pulled off and what this show eventually became. And as live action superheroes shows go…I think this is easily the best. Because it is fun, and it stays loyal to a lot of elements from its original source material. A job very well done. With the first few episodes, I definitely winced and rolled my eyes a hell of a lot more than I have been recently. A lot of bad dialogue, way too many cheesy moments…but the VFX were always good, and it always was entertaining. Then it just got better and better after the mid-season break. I really appreciated how Eddie was no longer being seen as that stereotypical rival to the protagonist (in terms of Iris), but that they allowed him to be a genuinely good dude and a good match for Iris. I was not expecting him to take his own life, but that was powerful and meaningful. That was really, really well done, and …I’m forgetting the actors name, who plays Wells/Thawne…he was just so damn evil and charming in this episode. His nonchalant retort to Cisco after he learned he had killed him in a parallel universe was tremendous. I’m really sad to see him go, because he was fantastic throughout this whole season. I’m sure Reverse Flash will return. Possibly as Eddie from another timeline? Maybe.

And the twists and turns they managed to pull off during the 23 episode run of this season…claps. There was so much that happened that I never saw coming. Much like Arrow, they know how to surprise. Time travel is a tricky bitch.

This episode was jam packed with emotion, emotional moments I was not necessarily expecting, Barry and Joe, Barry and his father, Barry and Iris. I also really appreciate how much the writers embraced science/pseudo-science/science-fiction for the show. This is what separates The Flash from Quicksilver. Cisco is able to see through vibrations of another universe? Dope. Vibe. Finally.


I often wondered about Kid Flash as well, or if Wally was ever going to be brought onto the show, and if they did, I pondered how they would go about doing it. But I don’t think so, because Wally is Iris’ nephew if I’m not mistaken, and she doesn’t appear to have any siblings on the show. As far as we know. If they do introduce him, would he be written as Barry’s son? I don’t know. But bringing on Wally would be a really exciting element.

I’m re-watching the episode now as I type this, and another really moving meaningful moment is when Future-Flash tells present-Flash to stay where he is. But he’s given a chance to speak to his mom – although she believed him a bit too quickly, after what just happened I don’t think she’d be capable of being that rational. And I am actually getting tired of the “I’m about to die but let me get this final sentence out then I’ll turn my head and let my heart give out” death scenes.

Jay Garrick’s helmet hitting the floor and Thawne saying his “that’s my cue to leave” line was priceless. Yessssss, I really hope they embrace the multi-generational Flash’s like in the comics, and that is an interesting advantage DC has over Marvel.

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