Tegan and Sara

These two, Tegan and Sara, have a pretty special place in my heart. And they have for years. I believe ever since 2011, but that’s only because that’s as far back as I can remember, when trying to think of when I first heard their music. Could’ve been 2010. Just can’t remember. But I know the first song by I truly loved was “Wake Up Exhausted.” That has stayed my favorite song, and it always makes me ready to cry whenever I listen to it. I remember that’s how I felt when I first heard it online.

I absolutely adore Tegan and Sara. I love them as people first and foremost, and I love their albums. I remember Sainthood coming out either on my birthday, or the week of my birthday. I remember in 2013 being shocked that they had released a pop album, that I bought and grew to love.

Jesus Christ, wait a minute. Now that I think about it, Sainthood came out in 2009. And it did come out on my birthday. I may be remembering this incorrectly. But I think I knew about it as soon as it dropped. Not years later. I heard So Jealous years later, after its initial release. I think after The Con, I was keeping up with everything they were doing. So it may have been 2009 when I first heard their music. Yeah, I’m all confused, sorry. I heard “Wake Up Exhausted” either in 2008, 2009 or 2011, and I have loved them ever since. I know that much.

They were there for me during a lot of emotional times in community college and at home, and just in general. Day dreaming. I would stay on youtube for hours watching them in interviews and seeing all of the clips of their banter on stage at shows. I loved it all. And I find myself still doing that to this day. Especially when they drop a new album. I enjoy listening to them talk about their process and evolving as a band and as artists. And as human beings, because that’s the most important thing.

I see them being vocal about social issues now and it makes me a bit proud. To know that we don’t stray too far away from one another in terms of our social/political beliefs. It’s exciting. To see they’re at least on the right path.

I obviously love “Wake Up Exhausted” from So Jealous. Also from that album, I love “You Wouldn’t Like Me” and “Take Me Anywhere.” Granted I like the whole album, but I’m pointing out songs I really, really love. “The Con,” “Back In Your Head,” “Burn Your Life Down,” Floorplan,” “Don’t Rush,” “Someday,” Wrists,” “Goodbye, Goodbye,” “Drove Me Wild.”

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