Thunderbitch — Thunderbitch

Thunderbitch. Rock 'n' Roll. The end. Source: Thunderbitch — Thunderbitch Stream the album ...
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Painted Giants

Painted Giants – Anaheim

Painted Giants is an alternative rock trio from Asheville, North Carolina, with a real strong indie feel. This project begins ...
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Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

I’ve just bought Alabama Shakes’ new album Sound & Color, and this is some truly fantastic soulful rock music and ...
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#FooFighters – “Sonic Highways” (Album Review)

repost from Swurv The Foo Fighters is a seriously great rock band that I have grown to really appreciate all ...
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Repost from Swurv. I love this band. Sleater-Kinney. I recently reviewed their latest album No Cities To Love. TimeOut did ...
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Beck – Morning Phase

I originally wrote this review on Swurv. Beck is an artist/singer-songwriter/musician that has been around since the 90s, and frankly, ...
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