#NowPlaying 'Black Ass Songs' by Stephen Jordan

These are just a bunch of black ass songs from plenty of different artists and bands, from a whole bunch of different genres. All on a playlist on my Spotify account. I might be adding onto this as time goes on. These black ass songs may not qualify for you, at least some of them, but they do to me. So there.

Rage Against The Machine - "The Battle of Los Angeles

I love Rage Against The Machine and I love The Battle of Los Angeles, this album is such rich, powerful greatness.

I desperately, desperately want these guys to get back together and make music…Zach was/is such a brilliant poet and lyricist. Tom is still an amazing musician.

Logic - "The Incredible True Story"

The Incredible True Story, is the sophomore album from Logic. I thought it was a bit too soon for him to release a 2nd album, since his debut came out around this time last year. But after listening to this for a few days, it’s stuck with me and it’s a pretty solid body of work. Logic is channeling his inner-geek with this project, telling a sci-fi story in between his songs, and making it all cohesive and connect, especially at the very end. However, it’s just not incredibly better than Under Pressure. It’s a bit more ambitious. It sounds different. He’s definitely got a few stand out tracks, that are technically amazing, “City of Stars” being one of them – which is a song that would absolutely not exist if 808s & Heartbreak wasn’t created. Yeah, TITS is solid.


Thunderbitch. Rock ‘n’ Roll. The end.

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