Fifty Shades of So-Called Feminist Nonsense

Fifty Shades of Grey. This is not written for those of you who are able to read the book or watch the movie purely as escapist-fantasy. This is for the sad individuals who actually think this whole phenomenon is amazing and empowering women. Please do not associate the word “feminism” with this garbage. Stop it. Sit down, and shut up.


At best, it’s kind of cool that women can have an event at the movie theaters that they can watch and be apart of. The movie itself is trash. I’ve written about the role of women in movies and television. And I have more to say on the matter, thanks to this. In this story, you have a woman who is weak, scared, fully admits that she is nothing special, a virgin, and completely clueless about sex, and BDSM. And here comes the perfect handsome charming man, who is rich, plays piano, knows how to pilot a helicopter and has his name on a building all at the age of 27 – this guy happily takes her virginity and pulls her into his bondage-sex-life. What the fuck is so empowering about this?

Seriously? Would you let some dude you just met show up at your job and continue to let him charm you and flirt with you? Oh, he’s cute and rich, so it’s okay. Again, do you see what this says about women? How the fuck is this empowering? Why would you think that this is a good thing for girls to see? Christian, at the very least, is a pure stalker in this movie. You’re being highly irresponsible if you think otherwise. In the book, he has a tracker on her cell phone??? Jesus. But its okay because he’s cute and rich.

In this movie, a rich, handsome powerful business man casually taking an unconscious young girl back to his room, undressing her and sleeping in the same bed with her is sweet. It’s romantic. No, you guys, it shows how much he truly cares for her. This isn’t taking advantage of a young woman who’s incapacitated by alcohol, this is the beginnings of true love. Really?

Not to mention that this is a wildly irresponsible portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle. Horribly so.

“I’m fifty shades of fucked up.” “The metal was the color of metal.”
Go fuck yourself.

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