Batman Begins: The Greatness

Christopher Nolan and David Goyer swooped in and saved the Batman franchise in 2005. Batman Begins begun a new era of superhero films, yes even before The Dark Knight. It set the stage, it laid the groundwork. It was a necessary step to take to try and resurrect a dying or nearly dead franchise, after Arnold Schwarzenegger and the ice capades in Batman & Robin. Batman needed a remake and this was the perfect remake, and origin story.

Joss Whedon says Batman Begins is the definitive Batman film, even better than The Dark Knight. At first, much like many of you, I didn’t believe him. I thought he was crazy for saying that. “I think Batman Begins is certainly my favorite Batman movie I’ve seen,” he said.

“What? No way. No Way!,” I said. But after some years of thinking about it, watching the movie more and more…I agree with Joss on this one. He is right. In the Nolan trilogy, this is the best representation of Batman. Which says a lot because he doesn’t even become Batman until nearly halfway through the film.

The Dark Knight, for me, has the same problem that every other Batman movie has. It’s not about Batman. I think Heath Ledger is just phenomenal and the character of the Joker is beautifully written. He has a particular philosophy that he carries throughout the movie. He has one of the best bad guy schemes. Bad guy schemes are actually very hard to come up with. I love his movie, but I always feel like Batman gets short shrift. In Batman Begins, the pathological, unbalanced, needy, scary person in the movie is Batman. That’s what every Batman movie should be.”

I gotta say, folks, I agree with him. 100%. This is my favorite portrayal of the character, actually, of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Christian Bale had the best material of any other Batman film. Of any actor who has played the role. This is my Batman. Yes, even over Ben Affleck, as much as Zack Snyder loves him some Batman. His version, after I had time to think about it, isn’t for me. On the surface he’s cool, but underneath, it’s hollow. Much like most of Snyder’s films. So.

I think Batman Begins has the best origin story for any superhero film. I have yet to see one that I prefer or find better. Everything about it is just so well done. The motivation for Bruce, the reason why he chooses to do this, is so well-conveyed and on point. And this movie is all about Batman. All about Bruce, really. Sure, he’s not as much of a detective as I would like him to be in this film. But I can honestly forgive that. Everything else about the character was on point. He was scary, he was threatening and almost demonic at points. Animalistic, like a beast. It was great. The only comparison that comes close is honestly with Affleck’s Batman, his too, was at points, scary. So I’ll give him that.

But I love how BB handled it. This Batman was truly threatening, and his costume was a part of that. It was bulky and kind of stocky, or at least made him look that way. The way his costume looked in this movie made him appear more threatening. I don’t mind the all black costume, and I did appreciate the fact that Snyder pulled off the classic black and gray.

Some of the action scenes, or maybe all of them, aren’t filmed incredibly well, in retrospect. Not enough to truly damage the movie, in my opinion, but enough that it is noticeable. I think the best sequence, in terms of action, may be the Batmobile chase, after Batman picks up Rachel from Arkham. It’s got the most going for it, I think. And the music helps tremendously. That brings me to the score. I’ve gushed about movie scores in the past, those in the superhero genre. I talked about Hans Zimmer and this amazing soundtrack.

From top to bottom, it is pure perfection to me. One of my favorite film scores of any movie. It is so bold, masculine and at the same time very sensitive and emotional. Bruting and emotional, it’s beautiful. It truly is. I am so glad they kept Zimmer throughout the trilogy and kept certain parts of this music going in Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises. The music is a big reason why I love this movie so much.

They didn’t start with the Joker. They easily could have. But instead went with more interesting, lesser known villains. I mean, we know who they are. You definitely know of Ra’s if you have seen the animated series. But, to the massive movie going public, they didn’t know these characters. It was a smart move, to go with Ra’s and Scarecrow, as well as Falconi. All in all, there are like 3 villains in this thing. But it never feels like it. Never feels overstuffed or anything.

All of the actors involved did a great job. Yeah. Wrapping it up here. I think it is the best Batman movie I’ve ever seen.

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