I have found another brilliant way for me to make money. If you need some type of advertising, whether its on this site (shoutout page), or on Swurv, or any other publication Im associated with, this is the place to be. We get about 300k listeners a month on Swurv Radio. I’m sure this blog will grow in popularity. So, here is where you can negotiate some kind of ad/promo gig.

If you have an app, an online business, song, album, short film, some sort of product, you need a link embedded somewhere, talk to me. Also, I don’t work for free. Be prepared to negotiate prices. If you’re an artist wanting to be interviewed for Swurv, $75 – and I’m only interviewing artists I genuinely like, not just anybody, so although I am charging for my time, I still do respect you, otherwise I wouldn’t offer an interview.

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