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Stephen. 27 years of age. All I do is write. I need to point out, that I started officially doing freelance work November 10th, 2014. And after five days, I became Editor-In-Chief of Swurv Radio. Swurv Radio, one the world’s most popular Internet radio stations received its third consecutive nomination as “Radio Station of the Year”, in 2011 for the Southern Entertainment Awards. A leader in Internet radio for several years, SwurvRadio.com has received multiple awards & nominations, including four-time “Editor’s Pick” on Microsoft’s “Windows Media” channel. And I have helped shape that site into a more diverse, online urban publication, opening up discussions of movies and genres outside of Hip-Hop/R&B. SwurvRadio.com also recently completed negotiations to bring its brand to China as one of the only American Urban Radio stations to have a bona-fide presence in that country. I have become good friends with an indie record label owner in Los Angeles, who I will be providing content for. I’m friends with artists, I’ve gotten to interview musicians and interact online with artists I really admire. And it’s really only the beginning for me. If you’re trying to pick up a reliable writer with ambition, I’m a very valuable person to have on your team. When navigating my site, you will come across very NSFW posts, so if you’re squeamish, I may not be for you.

I have been a self taught writer since 14, when I started writing my own original screenplays during high-school. Being a screenwriter was my original dream, in terms of any kind of creative writing. Now, I want to try novels, short stories, web content, video games, comic-books. I want to do whatever I want, which is exactly what I’m doing. Right now, I’m working as a freelance writer because working a regular 9-5 job is miserable and has been miserable, and I’d rather be broke and doing what I love. All I want to do is be behind a computer and write, and if I can get paid to do it, even better.



Editor-In-Chief of Swurvradio, I used to write for Shiftgig, I have written for Bhgmusicgroup, PoliticalMoll, Fit Tip Daily, PPcorn, and work any other odd jobs and gigs I can. I began writing for the Inquisitr Nov. 10, 2015.

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Please do not contact me if you are slow to reply to an email or return a phone call. I don’t have time for your inability to maintain a schedule. I work fast and I like to get shit done. If you’re incredibly busy and scatter-brained and have tons of unread emails in your inbox, don’t bother trying to hire me. Just get off my site. I’m not being rude, I don’t care if you think I am, but I’m not going to suffer because you can’t reply to an email within a couple of hours. I don’t have time to sit on my ass and wait for someone to get back to me about a paying gig.

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